Remembering Courage

On July 3rd we lost our brother and bandmate Courage who passed away this morning after a year long battle with cancer. We were honoured to have known this incredible person both as a close friend and to have him be such an important and intricate part of this band. For those of you that had the pleasure of seeing him perform live you know the incredible energy, joy and spirit of positivity he brought. Courage was also an incredible father, husband, brother, coworker, songwriter, performer and touched thousands of lives all over the world through his work, personal life and music. He was an integral founding member of the band and brought the song "Sayulita" to life with his key interactive part "Everybody put your hands up". He also was a key songwriter in the group, writing and performing songs that brought joy to thousands such as Malawi Gold, Hola Bonita and Life Najeje. His stage presence and person is unrivaled. He made everyone he met feel accepted, happy and special. His energy and spirit lives on through his music and the lives of those he touched and changed. Courage believed in being kind and welcoming to all and that as human beings we have more in common with each other than differences. He also believed that music should bring you up, not bring you down. These philosophies permeated his music, life and have influenced all of us.  You can watch "Sayulita" or "Life Na Jeje" two songs that feature his work and personality. If you have any pictures or videos from performances or memories of him feel free to post on our social media @johnwelshband on Instagram & Twitter or @johnwelshmusic on Facebook